Musings of a Mother | The start of a beautiful journey – Quran memorisation!

MashaAllah TabarakaAllah! Our hifdh journey is on its way and our two eldest have completed memorisation of Juz Amma- the 30th part of the Holy Quran.

There is still a long way to go and as I always tell the children…recitation, memorisation and revision will be a part of their daily routine for the rest of their lives inshaAllah.

As a parent, I also have learnt so much. I had no experience of hifdh and honestly speaking really didn’t have much idea of what I was doing. Surprisingly, I have found at times to have experienced moments of self-doubt about whether I was able to guide and support my children sufficiently, at times waves of exhaustion due to other “life” things happening and wondering if we should continue as well as flickers of hope – that “yes, inshaAllah we can do this!”. To be honest I still sometimes wonder at what I’m doing and if its the right way…

One thing is for sure, it has bonded me with my children in a way I never imagined and could only dream of and inshaAllah will continue to do so! I would say to anyone out there considering taking this journey either for yourself or your children, just say “Bismillah” and go for it! If our intentions are pure and for the sake of Allah swt then Allah swt will grant blessing in it inshaAllah.

For whoever is undertaking this blessed journey, may Allah swt make it easy, swift, smooth, correct, fulfilling and full of rewards beyond imagination. Aameen ya Rabbul Alameen! ❤️

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